Wednesday, March 18, 2009

playing another poem

are you crying alone..?

well.. written in our colours [ps- please read slowly ; ) ]

I don't have an answer...
why we act this way..
nor.. do I have the power..
:to change what people say..

lets just sit, be still.. and wonder,
how all this could change..
with just 3 words,
:turn blue skies from grey..

you know how people pray..
that they would find someday..
the one they could cherish..
:chase all their fears away..

:for us, that day is already today..
don’t hear what people say..
because for you, "yesterday, today, tomorrow.."
"yours, mine or ours",
I know I have the person..
For which I pray..

pretty isn't it?
now.... (: smile :)


@ SmalL G!RL said...

hamsterin knows about all that..she has no fears of all those, maybe before yes, but now no more...:)

Valdemir Reis said...

Much Peace! A flying eagle lands in this interesting and beautiful space. I vitando it. Congratulations on the excellent work. I liked the theme. On the occasion of heart I thank all who visit us, and comment below, by this I am honored and among friends. "The only way to have a friend is to be a friend." Emerson. Thank you .... I hope you and say, check back often! Ratings of major achievements and prosperity. The blessings that God protect and enlighten us. Have a happy and festive weekend. Leave a brotherly hug. Godspeed.
Valdemir Reis

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