Wednesday, March 18, 2009

playing another poem

are you crying alone..?

well.. written in our colours [ps- please read slowly ; ) ]

I don't have an answer...
why we act this way..
nor.. do I have the power..
:to change what people say..

lets just sit, be still.. and wonder,
how all this could change..
with just 3 words,
:turn blue skies from grey..

you know how people pray..
that they would find someday..
the one they could cherish..
:chase all their fears away..

:for us, that day is already today..
don’t hear what people say..
because for you, "yesterday, today, tomorrow.."
"yours, mine or ours",
I know I have the person..
For which I pray..

pretty isn't it?
now.... (: smile :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

RoAr!!... juz lost my second phone yesterday while in spring (don't ask)..
(answer) again due to carelessness oh well

was planing to get a new phone end of this month..

but that does not mean I have no regard for the previous phone buhuhu.. all the pics and 'stuffs' in there waaa! dang I'm mad... ( goes and yells into the pillow)

okay I'm cool liaw.. hm.. guess I'll just put up what a 'holiday day' day is like for me..
not accounting for dinner and church seminar later today
I'm sure all of us are busy people, thought I'd just post this up to let you guys know what I'm up to XD

tomorrows events:
wake up at 8am.. gua.. sure oversleep again XD

badminton in the morning-
lunch out-
(15 mins nap)
gym in the afternoon 2pm-
bible study 4pm-
then dinner in town with some of our Singaporean friends 7pm-
maybe go survey for a new phone? till 10 gua-
typing for my mom at night till 12 gua-
sleep la what else 12++am-

wooola! now time for some photos!
oh wait.. photos I collected for bloggie all gone liaw... oh well..
here are some pics of what we watched till 3am yesterday
Its about a group of extraordinary individuals, and the plot is set during the midst of the cold war between the U.S.A and the USSR.. plot's twisted and unpredictable lol
I give it a 8 outa 10, though those who like alot of action packed movies should not opt to watch this movie.. it's for a more.. mature kinda audience, know what I mean?

(mature as in make you think, not the other meaning of mature XD)

laaaa... cheesy and cool at the same time :P

My fav character in this movie, Rorscharch

the typical accident that turns someone into 'super' man

kneel before the dude in blue!!
(vietkongs surrendering during the US-vietnam war)

Rorscharch again!

okays thats it for this short post, catch ya later and thanks for dropping by yeah :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

kukkroooo... gimme space you two! XD

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, tag 5 people off your friends list. You also have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

here goes:~

1: I got tagged.. I got tagged? Huh?... I.. got tagged??!! I GOT TAGGED!!!! O.O >> fact

2: this blog has been dead for almost 3 weeks now >> fact

3: :).. ohkay.. wah!.. O.O.. wow!.. XD.. :P.. XP.. wooot!..are the expressions I most commonly use

4: I prefer.. vanilla,white non brownish, vanilla...white chocolate over chocolate :P

5: I have one ‘dry=gan=angkat’ brother (Eldellan) and one ‘dry=gan=angkat’ sister (Melissa)..
Malvin.. he’s more like Masao the uncle LOL.. if I forgot any one of you.. come stab my back
with a cone of vanilla-oreo ice cream, I’d gladly appreciate it hahak! XD >> fact, (I’m hungry
what can I say? oo.. someones coming to stab me liaw hahak)

6. the 'somebody' who tagged the 'someone' who tagged me is my sister >> fact

7. ooo..! something under th… wah itchy.. but.. it.. feels soooo good… aa..aahh…. >> thing

Under the table.. scratching my feet la.. ish >> nonsense wait.. (scratch scratch) okay it’s now a fact >> fact..
all the above for no.7 >>wulaio

8. Oh mee gosh!... I just came back from a barbeque party.. and… I just noticed (after looking
down 5 seconds ago)… my zipper was opened the whole time X.x.. >> truth..
fortunately I wasn’t wearing baby green undies >> lie.. hahak

9. I like playing my guitar.. >> habit

10. I aim.. to gain 10 kilograms this year >> goal

11. I visit Iso hamsterin’s blog almost everyday! >> stalker
(happily am one, lalalala, run hamster!.. run!.... tadaa.. you lost another 0.0001 kg.. see, li hai
leh) >> haolian

12. Used to watch 5 hours of T.v everyday (c.s.i, house, las vegas, full house..) now I almost
never watch.. >> truth

13. I sometimes bully my younger brother.. >> naughty

14. I told memel I would post a pic of my braces up on this blog, but truth is.. I snaped one and it
looked.. lets just say I’ll make babies cry.. >> so true

15. I’ve reared chikens, ducks, fishies, tortoises, turtles, birds, cats, dogs, snails, ants, caterpillars,
hamsters and rats.. note the 'word= Used to' what happen to them? they've gone to a much
happier place.. :'(

16. I once had 4 hamsters.. one slept and never woke up, one got lost somewhere around the
house, and 2 devised an escape plan and outsmarted me.... hey! I was "'6, 7.. maybe 9..'"
>> can almost be considered a fact, except for "'sentence'"

17. I’m trying to reduce the size of my ass through exercise >> goal

18. I sing loudly in the bathroom >> habit (so loud that sometimes.. well.. actually a lot of times,
my neighbors laugh when I go off tune XD)

20. I soooo can’t wait for the next semester to start again! >> so not true

21. want to start learning engineering math before next sem starts.. >> goal

21. carrots, broccolis, ladies fingers.. my favourite veggies! >> habit/fact

22. I used to be afraid of the dark.. so I secretly sneak into my dad and mom's room at night
>>think for yourself whether this is true or not XD

23. I thought today was Sunday.. >> truth, it’s still Friday..

24. How am I gona end this.. hm..... I know!
I have..
2 eyes
2 ears
2 feet
2 hands
2 nostrils
2 butt cheeks >> fact

Uh…. Oh!.. did I mentioned I have 2 eyes? XD >> sweat

25. Number 19 was missing >> did you notice? oh and I changed the number 25 somewhere in
this tag.. to only 5 wakakakkaa ^.~

I taaaaaag…. Billy, mandy, Sam, Deborah, Micky…. 5 people... who don’t exist..... fact ;)

hehe :)



aww.. need a hug? 532143.. 61625393 336373 936382~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do you realise time passes so fast..
especially when we are enjoying our time..
even more so when we are with good company..

It really helps knowing that when we wake up, it would all still be,
that this is really not all a dream

feel like sitting under a tree and watchin the moon,
in the place only we know..
when we're finally here at the end of the day..
when it's time to say goodbye..

Feel like tying down the clock..
If only that will stop the time
so that fly away it might not..
iso hamsterin,
I feel like tying down
every second, every minute, every day
:of the last month + a day:

cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, credits to "sarbearlvsya95"

9363827332 6193 ~Cinderella

More from Mua

He is of both Chinese(yellow people)and Kelabit(mountain people) origins and migrated from the small town of Marudi in the mountainous region of Sarawak due to specific unexplainable phenomenon. Claims to have been potty trained by the age of 2 and learned to converse not long after, has minimal knowledge of both his native tongues and therefore would have trouble conversing with his own folks were it not for the English language. Is currently bumming in and around the Kuching city area and is usually seen wondering in the Swinburne University of technology, Sarawak compounds with no apparent reason or objective. If spotted please approach with a smile as he might consider people with non-smiley faces hostile.
He, prefers the colour combination of either White/Red & Black as it reminds him of his love for. . those colours, likes playing badminton as seeing the shuttlecocks fly reminds him of his previous aspirations to be an astronaut, admires all that are pretty like the girl he is fond of, thinks highly of people who are not afraid to be themselves in public though he has trouble doing just that, loves his religion, his mom, his dad and his other 2 siblings (Rachel & Aaron)
Some of his usual habits include plucking the strings of his guitar, staring at a square box that projects interesting images, eating in front of the box that projects images, hanging out with individuals of the two or four legged species and doing all of the above at once.
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